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BCRIMA President's Letter

Dear Members,


It is once again an honour to serve on the BCRIMA Board as President and Secretary. The 2019 / 2020 term felt like a year of two halves.  The first, business as usual and the second half, business far from usual for most of us.

Before we arrived here, 2020 was going to be the year we all “saw clearly”. However, I do not believe that anyone of us foresaw it manifesting so rapidly or in the manner that it has.

Enterprise Risk Management programs for many of us, on some level contemplated scenarios that kept management teams up at night around loss of staff through retirement or a localized issue affecting their ability to carry out their duties.  But, was anyone prepared for the far-reaching effects of this global pandemic on workforces, or supply chains?

Communities have been impacted locally by fires and frustrations of inequality or mistreatment on top of a pandemic over the past few months.  With each of these events we are seeing how local is actually global and how as a global community #weareinthistogether.

Risk Management seems to be at the forefront of many businesses minds; action / response plans are now in place, if they were not there before, along with business continuity efforts, and risk financing as we work hand in hand with our own internal departments and other industries to develop return to work initiatives under a new normal in the workplace over the coming months.

As an industry known for social, educational and fund-raising events, the importance of networking with our peers and giving back to our communities remains at the forefront. We have had to shift to a virtual platform to stay connected.  Email, online meetings as well as picking up the phone to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues is a frequent occurrence now, instead of our in-person gatherings.

As a Board we have and will continue to come together to make it all happen.  We were fortunate to co-host a golf tournament with the BC Bluegoose International Pond last September. As well as our annual Dart Tournament in January prior to restrictions being implemented to flatten the curve and minimize the spread of COVID-19.  Since restrictions were put in place, the BC Chapter hosted our very first “Virtual Happy Hour”, where as peers we chatted about business strategies for how we return to work and what that landscape looks like on the horizon and how that may differ but yet look the same across various industries. As well as discussing our current binge-worthy television obsessions.

In the midst of physical distancing, the So-Fun Committee will look at new ways to #stayconnected with our membership in the months ahead.  We will continue to increase our social media presence as a Chapter and ensure that our website is constantly being improved to provide timely updates on local current events as well as initiatives from RIMS. We encourage our membership to visit our website at www.britishcolumbia.rims.org and follow us on twitter @BCRIMA1 and LinkedIn to connect with the Board and your fellow Risk professionals.

Once again I would like to reflect on the fact that in the next few years, we will see a number of our Board Members moving on to enjoy retirement.  While we still have the pleasure to work with them on the Board, we are gleaning all the information and experiences we can from them and enjoying every minute of it.  This said, the Vice President’s role has been tasked with creating a job description for each of the Director’s positions, in an effort to assist those of you who would like to get involved with the Board in years to come, understand the roles and time commitment of each of the positions.

I am proud of the steps we’ve taken over the past year, whether by choice or forced under the current health concerns to go more virtual, we did it!  The enthusiasm and dedication to the Chapter going forward is encouraging and motivates me to see how much further we can push ourselves to reconnect and give back in a new way.  Here’s to thinking outside the usual for the 2020 / 2021 term!!  Without volunteers we would not be able to accomplish our objectives. Please consider getting involved in BCRIMA or offer your suggestions to any of the Board Members.

The world is a vast place, although it seems that much smaller knowing once again that #weareinthistogether and seeing that everyone has been touched in some manner by the world events thus far in 2020.  Thank you for your support, and I look forward to what 2020-2021 has in store for our Chapter in our “new normal”. 

Janiece A. Brown, ACIP

President & Secretary 2020/2021






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